Life ahead of the curve.

The West 2nd District is building on the leading edge of just about everything. Design, engineering, construction, sustainability, connectivity, the whole breathtaking shebang. The District is a state-of-the-art showcase, an urban demonstration zone, for systems and strategies that make life easier, greener, safer, and flat-out more amazing.

Building 16 view from Building 4
View North building 16

The Stevenson Paseo takes visitors from the Truckee River into the heart of the West 2nd District, culminating at a public plaza surrounded by active retail storefronts, office space, and condo towers.


The new architecture of us.

What if the development industry had a higher calling? What if it embraced the beautiful truth that, when practiced with intention, expertise, and an open heart, it has the power to profoundly advance the wellbeing of countless many?

The West 2nd District is development with a soul.

We’re not here to simply erect structures and broker real estate. We’re here to engineer empathy, build opportunity, and create bold new definitions social, cultural, educational, and environmental prosperity. We’re here to invest in that unique brand of the infrastructure known as humanity. To lift everyone higher.

Can you think of any greater good?

Building 4 - West 2nd District Reno

View looking East across Ralston Street, with raised paver crossings connecting the West 2nd District, and providing safer pathways for pedestrians.


Building something bigger than ourselves.

We’re here to move Reno’s built environment into a new age. With buildings that cut no corners and accept no substitutes. With buildings of rigor and substance and, yes, even playfulness. With buildings that build relationships and generate peace of mind.

That’s why we’re thinking way outside the status-quo stucco box, partnering with global building and engineering leaders, giving their hard-earned expertise a welcome home in Reno. And our highly additive culture means that West 2nd is far more than just an ambitious job site, it’s a collaboration space, a higher bar, a place of learning, a place in history.

Here, local tradespeople are working shoulder-to-shoulder with industry innovators to forge brilliant new articulations of our city, while enhancing their own capabilities at the same time. This legacy effect expands the local knowledge base, enhancing the thinking and practices that will go into future projects throughout the region.

This is everything Reno deserves.

View from Building 16 Skyroom Looking South

The Stevenson Paseo viewed from the Observation and Skyroom Level.


Toward a more elegant footprint.

The West 2nd District is a neighborhood that embraces Nature as a valued partner. One that shows reverence to every citizen, regardless of economic means, by listening to their views and needs and dreams and factoring them all into the hard math of sustainable community creation. One that’s ecologically restorative, economically invigorating, socially just, and culturally fertile. A place for balance and wisdom to call home.

Organic Water Reclamation Machine

Here in the high desert, water is a precious commodity. And thanks to our partnership with Glumac, a recognized leader in sustainable design, we’re pleased to introduce a breakthrough technology that will enable us to be better stewards of our water. Based on the principles of wetland ecology, this patented wastewater treatment system mimics Nature’s own cleansing processes, utilizing plants and organisms through its progressive filtration stages.

Central Utility Plant

As a result of our partnership with Southland Energy, the entire West 2nd District will enjoy the shared efficiencies of central heating and cooling. This system produces steam, chilled water and hot water at our central plant and distributes it via underground pipes throughout the District. The water is then returned to the plant where it’s re-heated or re-chilled and then recirculated through the network. Central plants are 30% more efficient than other systems, eliminating the need to build and maintain multiple individual facilities and reducing capital and maintenance costs.

Building 20 across paseo
East Elevation - Innovations in sustainability, design and construction

Views looking South and West across Arlington Avenue and the ReTrac corridor.


Welcome to higher tech.

The West 2nd District is the new frontier of security, efficiency, and convenience. Here, some the world’s most sophisticated systems are integrated to deliver revolutionary peace of mind, speed, savings, and reliability. These are but a few:

Gigabit Fiber Service to every address

By delivering 1GB symmetrical internet, television, and phone service to every residence, business, and common area in the District, we’re starting the smart city revolution, redefining what it means to stay connected in downtown Reno.

Automated Building Management & Analytics Solutions

In every one of its residential, retail, and commercial buildings, the West 2nd District integrates world-leading systems for intelligent building automation and the reduction of energy consumption. Systems that maximize both functionality and convenience.

Proactive Security Systems

Safety and security are essential to daily life. Thanks to partnerships with multiple high-level technology providers, the District features proactive systems that ensure the fastest possible communications with first responders during times of crisis.

Seismic Sensors

Working in concert with the UNR Seismic Sensor Laboratory and Miyamoto Earthquake + Structural Engineers, the District represent the forefront of earthquake preparedness, yielding early-warning capabilities far and above what our area has previously known.