Development with a soul.

At the Don J Clark Group, we truly believe the development field has a higher calling. We embrace the beautiful truth that, when practiced with intention, expertise, and an open heart, it has the power to profoundly advance humanity.

And to us, the West 2nd District embodies these beliefs.

Read more about our team below.

Don J. Clark, AIA

CEO | Co-Founder | Managing Member

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Susan Clark, PH. D

COO | Co-Founder | Managing Member

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Sal Ariganello

Co-Founder | Managing Member
Senior Construction Manager

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Ed Friedrichs, FAIA, Emeritus

Architect | Partner

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Earthquake & Structural Engineers

The global leader in earthquake strategy and resiliency engineering, Miyamoto has a simple mission: to safeguard humanity, protect economies, and make the world a better place. Their proven of systems and expertise will make the District the new standard for seismic safety in our region.


Central Plant Partner

True to its reputation for forefront thinking in action, Southland will design, build, operate, and maintain our game-changing Central Utility Plant (CUP), delivering heating and cooling throughout the district with significant savings and historical efficiency. 


Lead Architects

The full-service architectural firm started by Don Clark in 1982, Cathexes is a creative leader in sustainable design and culture creation. They will lead the design of the District’s initial buildings while also supporting other firms brought into the project at future dates.



Lead Construction Partner

A worldwide builder known for turnkey excellence, Gilbane will bring the industry’s top tools and technologies to the West 2nd District. They will also manage subcontractors to ensure that hometown talent plays a significant role in the project, while also maintaining next-level building standards.


Water Treatment Systems

Having advised on over 200 LEED certified or registered projects, Glumac is leading player in the green building movement. Their contribution to the West 2nd District is a breakthrough water treatment system that is the future of wastewater reuse.


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Technology Integration

As the technology integration partner for West 2nd District, Envise will help test and implement building technologies as well as develop and execute master maintenance and operational plans for the project.

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Gigabit Fiber

CC Communications is a company with technical and management capabilities to provide for the discovery, engineering, procurement, installation, and deployment of fiber to each residential and commercial property within the West 2nd District Project.

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Sustainable Infrastructure

Puttman Infrastructure, Inc. provides an integrated solution for sustainable infrastructure investment, development and operations for public, private and non-profit partners throughout North America.

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